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TrekEast: February in Florida with John Davis

... and uber-athlete John Davis undertakes TrekEast , a 4500-mile "journey for nature", sponsored by Wildlands ... I've overlooked. Thank you.) [ View the story "TrekEast: February with John Davis" on Storify] (Adventure, Adventure ...

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John Davis: Prepping for TrekEast

... on foot, bike, ski, etc. from Florida to Quebec. TrekEast is North America’s chance, and yours, to participate in one of ... can survive in the East. Wildlands Network's TrekEast kicks off on February 2, 2011 in Key Largo, Florida with wilderness ...

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TrekEast: John Davis provisions for the Everglades

... join John Davis in preparation for the next leg of TrekEast through Everglades National Park. In this video they discuss ...

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TrekEast: March in Florida, Alabama and Beyond

... this epic journey for wilderness, you'll become addicted! TrekEast is a 100% human-powered effort to discover and share the narrative of ... Please join the adventure. [ View the story "TrekEast: March with John Davis" on Storify] (Adventure, Adventure ...

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Skating Parch Pond

[ View the story "Parch Pond with TrekEast" on Storify ] (Adventure, Sustainable Travel, Outdoor & ...

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Windless Surfing or Champlain Valley Pedaling

... lungs in shape in time to join John Davis for a leg of TrekEast in early September. Now, with less than two weeks until we pedal ...

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