John Davis: Prepping for TrekEast

Close friend and neighbor John Davis is making final preparations for his epic 4k journey on foot, bike, ski, etc. from Florida to Quebec.

TrekEast is North America’s chance, and yours, to participate in one of the biggest, most ambitious adventures with a purpose: to help create connections between wild places and people, so wildlife and nature can survive in the East.

Wildlands Network's TrekEast kicks off on February 2, 2011 in Key Largo, Florida with wilderness explorer and writer John Davis stepping forward into what he expects will be an epic journey along the Eastern Wildway, a continental corridor for wildlife stretching from southern Florida to Quebec.

A human-powered, 10-month journey, TrekEast is the first challenge of John Davis’s five-year WildlandsTrek across North America’s four Wildways, continental corridors for wildlife, visioned and led by Wildlands Network... [John] plans to cover over 4,000 miles by cycling, rowing, running, skiing, and hiking his 10-leg journey. At the end of each leg, he will come “out of the woods” in major cities to visit with media, report on the stories and places he’s just experienced, make public presentations and set the stage for the next TrekEast leg. (Wildlands Network)

I'm planning to join him on a short but beautiful leg of the adventure, and I'll keep you posted once he sets out in February. If you're interested in following along use this Trekker Sign Up link.