Sightseeing & Scenery

Sightseeing & Scenery

The Flâneur & The City: Historic Core

Urban historian Richard Schave's site-specific discussion series "The Flâneur & The City" is an ongoing attempt to explore some of the more important issues revealed by the constantly changing heart of the metropolis.

Cycling with the vélo-flâneur

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Urban Flaneur Guidebook

An urban flaneur is a wanderer who travels around the city as a casual observer and gives an interpretation of what s/he sees. An urban flaneur disdains the idea that one can encapsulate a city into a list of landmarks or dissect it into parts as one would a corpse. In this light, I am launching this new blog about experiencing the city in its totality. I welcome any relevant comments.

Bali's Monkey Forest Sanctuary

Top tourist attraction in Ubud, Bali? Monkey Forest!

Naked Southwest

It was inevitable. Like falling in love again. Like sunrise after a long, dream-filled night. Like the sort of deep satisfaction discovered in a bowl of green chile stew after four years of Brie and foi gras! It was inevitable that my return to the Southwest after four years in Paris would rejuvenate me, no, would plunge me headlong into the thrill and dazzle of naked living…

Ducking Through Scandinavia

My friend Amelie and I were discussing our respective travel-bugs and our never-ending competition to visit at least one new country each year. When she suggested that we both travel somewhere, anywhere, together,

I whimsically accepted the offer. The conversation went something like this...

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