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Roll Over, Thor Heyerdahl, Here Comes the Plastiki

Autoportrait à République

Autoportrait à République (Photograph via

Paris merchants by night

Paris merchant by night (Photograph by Dries Buytaert

Urban Flaneur Guidebook

An urban flaneur is a wanderer who travels around the city as a casual observer and gives an interpretation of what s/he sees. An urban flaneur disdains the idea that one can encapsulate a city into a list of landmarks or dissect it into parts as one would a corpse. In this light, I am launching this new blog about experiencing the city in its totality. I welcome any relevant comments.

The Sad Song of Everett Ruess

Dave Alvin (Photograph via

Seattle : Fête du Flâneur

Fête du Flâneur, An Urban(e) Party via Great City

Everett Ruess DNA Miscalculation

Photograph of Utah's Comb Ridge by Dawn Kish National Geographic Adventure

Poor winds delay Alinghi & BMW Oracle in America's Cup

Preparing for America's Cup (Photo via

The Art of Being Santa Fe

Santa Fe Railyard
Santa Fe Railyard (Photograph via


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