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Thanks for visiting e-Marginalia's online travel community, the proverbial campfire where adventurous travelers collect to share the artifacts of their voyages. We are building a forum for travelers to annotate, expound, reference and illustrate, to contribute and share the wonders of their wanders. In short, e-Marginalia is a place to share and celebrate the art (and artifacts) of immersion travel.

Break out of time-worn tourist ruts, and probe beyond ersatz postcard trips. We invite you to "wander beyond the margin" with fellow travel junkies, adventurers, explorers, nomads, vagabonds, flâneurs, storytellers, poets and artists. Discover why we're passionate about authentic cultural travel, adventure travel, humanitarian travel, alternative travel, ecotourism and good, old fashioned secrets-of-your-own-neighborhood travel.

In addition to inspiring travel stories, sights and souvenirs, e-Marginalia provides a simple, reliable resource for immersion travelers. We collaborate with a global network of premier travel service providers to offer you unique accommodations (vacation rentals, luxury and boutique hotels, bed and breakfasts); diverse and affordable transportation (airline reservations, car rental reservations); reliable travel insurance (travel medical, trip protection, flight accident, emergency evacuation, group travel); and important travel-planning tools.

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