Events & Happenings

Events & Happenings

Lake Champlain Polar Bear Plunge on March 19

A couple of months ago my bride informed me that we were going to host a polar bear plunge. In Lake Champlain. In March!

A what? When? Why?

"It's a benefit for Planned Parenthood," she explained. "Trust me. It's important. It'll be fun."

"I trust you," I said. "But I'm not plunging!"


Seattle : Fête du Flâneur

Fête du Flâneur, An Urban(e) Party via Great City

Crossing the Panama Canal

Summer's End Hurly Burly

Awash in delegates, politicos, would-be-politicos, protestors, police, security details, and media for the 2004 Republican National Convention, Manhattan was the last place we wished to be, so we eagerly opted for a North Country Labor Day.
Graham Norton EffectLabor Day Lobsterfest is a long-standing tradition at the Westport Marina: a feast of lobsters, steamers and chicken bar-b-q; three nights of great live music; costumes and boat decoration; and one humdinger of an "end of summer" party.
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