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Monaco Prince Takes Pole Position

Monaco from the Jardin Exotique by Roger MunnsBy Roger Munns - More used to Grand Prix cars than dog sleighs, Monaco’s Prince Albert’s forthcoming trek to the North Pole has been greeted with surprise by many. But the Prince is fairly accustomed to the cold, in contrast to the Mediterranean warmth of Monaco where he became ruler last July following the passing of his father Prince Rainier, who had ruled for over 50 years.

50% Off Ski Holidays with WorldSki

WorldSki has today introduced on its online booking site, a range of Tailor-made special offers and ski packages offering savings of up to 50% to Europe and superb accommodation-only deals to some of the most fashionable resorts in North America. A leading independent Ski and Snowboard online tour operator, WorldSki's special offers feature a variety of the world’s best ski resorts in Europe and North America and include departure dates from as soon as this weekend and also include Half-Term and Easter skiing.

Interview: Rita Golden Gelman

By Nana Chen - In 1986, at the age of 48, children’s book author Rita Golden Gelman set off for what she thought was going to be a two-week break from a tattered marriage. The two weeks turned into four weeks, then months, and now years. Traveling has become Rita’s life. She shares her journey with the world in Tales of a Female Nomad, a book that reminds us to live.

Rita Golden GelmanRita recently agreed to a phone interview. On the phone, she spoke with the same candor and intimacy as she does in her book. Her openness forces you to be likewise. We chatted for nearly two hours about travels, fears, politics, her family, and my family, our conversation often broken by laughter or pause for thought. Rita reminds us that with intelligence should also come compassion. When asked how she is able to connect so easily with people, her answer was simple: “I smile a lot.” At the end of our conversation, I felt so close to her that I uttered, “Oh, I don’t want to hang up.” And this is exactly the feeling she brings with her to every new place she explores. Nana: Please give us a bit of information about your upbringing. Did you travel growing up or did your parents travel much? Rita: Not very much. My father worked all the time. One week a year we’d go on vacation. He liked to get lost… that was always the most exciting thing during these drives. We’d get lost and inevitably go knocking on someone’s farmhouse. Then we’d get invited to see the farms and the animals. We never went anywhere on a plane, but I always fantasized about going down the Amazon in a canoe, surrounded by piranhas and meeting cannibals...

New Travel 'Lounge' Opens in San Marcos

Being good isn't good enough when you are reinventing an already highly successful business. The Cruise Place, a San Marcos staple for years, has just announced that it will be reopening its newly recreated offices on February 10 under the new name of Legendary World. The Cruise Place offices were destroyed by fire May 2005 and like the phoenix rising from the flames, owner Scott Caddow is taking what could have been a devastating event and turning it into a new business opportunity.
"We are transforming our cruise and vacation agency into a comfortable, welcoming coffee-lounge approach to travel in order to achieve the best of both worlds -- experienced consultants working with clients in an original, modern-edge yet relaxed atmosphere," explained Scott Caddow, president of Legendary World. "Anyone can book a simple airline ticket, but to make a great vacation truly amazing, you need to have the expertise of a consultant. Legendary World consultants not only research and offer a selection of recommendations, but they're on the inside track to deliver a memorable vacation with special nuances and amenities that can't be found on Internet sites."
Legendary World's new business model is based on the fact that consumers are more informed and empowered in their travel buying decisions, but still desire experience-rich travel and to make the most of the experience they need the advice of a top-notch consultancy. For example, Legendary World is a traveler's concierge and advisor, providing not just a cruise to the Mediterranean, but a complete vacation experience, including:

e-Marginalia Newsletter

Happy 2006, e-Margonauts. It's going to be a great year for immersion travel if the first two weeks of the new year are any indication! I've just wrapped up two thrilling days at the Adventures in Travel Expo in New York City, and I'm more excited than ever about all of the amazing things happening in the travel world. The Adventures in Travel Expo (ATE) is "the world’s largest series of travel events serving adventure, active travel, eco, nature, cultural and outdoor tourism enthusiasts and professionals. These premier events give attendees the opportunity to see thousands of travel possibilities, from exotic safaris to luxury beach escapes. The best undiscovered experiences that you may not find otherwise."

South Lake Tahoe Vacation Rentals 40% Off

Lake Tahoe Lodging, Inc. offers 40 percent off on mid-week Lake Tahoe vacation rentals with a 2 night minimum stay. Lake Tahoe Lodging, Inc. (LTL), a provider of Luxury Lake Tahoe accommodations, announces their “Get into winter” special offering 40% off on mid-week vacation rentals.

Royal Help for Mediterranean Malta

The visit of Queen Elizabeth II to the island of Malta to open the recent Commonwealth meeting resulted in nearly a week of positive coverage for the island on television, print media and the internet. While Malta has often been overlooked as a holiday destination, the coverage has come immediately before the traditional holiday booking period for the summer with Malta hotels, holiday companies and property agents hoping that it will boost awareness of this often forgotten island. For a Mediterranean island with good year round weather, a friendly local English speaking population and facilities to rival that of any of her competitors, Malta is a suprisingly often forgotten island for many people planning a holiday in the Mediterranean.

Travel Games

By Steve Gillman - One of my favorite travel games is chess. Okay, it's just one of my favorite games, and I have three-ounce set with a cloth board, so I can take it anywhere. The last time I used it was in the town center of a small pueblo in the Andes Mountains. The games below are primarily car travel games, but can be adapted to other forms of travel too. Have fun! Educational Travel Games Some games get you thinking, learning something, or at least showing off what you know. Here's one for the family. Have the driver, or another designated host, asks questions like "What temperature does water boil at?" or "What's the Capital of Columbia?" or "With sales tax of 7.6%, what's the total cost of a $23 sweater?" For the kids to love this one, you may have to pay twenty-five cents for each right answer.

Relief Riders International: Eye Surgery Camps

Relief Riders International (RRI), the award-winning humanitarian based adventure travel company, announces its new "Give the Gift of Sight" campaign. Beginning in 2006, RRI will expedite free cataract eye surgery camps, as part of its on-going medical care efforts in Rajasthan, India.

Tips on Packing for Your Next Trip

So you are going on vacation, and you have all of your travel plans confirmed -- flight times, hotel check-in and check-out times, pamphlets and brochures on sightseeing excursions, and the travelers checks and passport have been tucked away in a safe place. What about packing, asks AP9 SimpleEscapes, a travel discount membership program offered by Adaptive Marketing LLC? You now have to try and fit a week or two's worth of clothing, personal care items, and accessories into a suitcase -- all while making every effort to stay within your baggage and weight limits as directed by the airline. Have no fear. AP9 SimpleEscapes is here to offer you a few packing tips that are sure to ease the stress of packing so you can relax and enjoy your time
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