Next Stop: Nosara, Costa Rica

Witch's Rock Surf Camp

I guess you could say I got lucky. Or you could say we worked really hard doing something that we truly loved and believed in: SURFING.

However you look at it, Witch's Rock Surf Camp's story is a unique one and should be told. So where do I start?

Google secures broad patent for location-based advertising

Uh-oh. Conceptually interesting, but definitely promises to become an invasive, annoying ability... Wanderers beware!

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Cycling with the vélo-flâneur

Photograph via

Costa Rica Diving Safaris

Eagle ray (Photograph via Costa Rica Diving Safaris)

Costa Rica: Witch's Rock Canopy Tour

virtualDavis skimming the canopy in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. (Photo via flickr)

Diving Costa Rica and Panama's Caribbean Coast

Bocas del Toro Sunset (via

Tom Brokaw Explains Canada

After Sunday's USA/Canada hockey game the web swelled with patriotic strutting, one-upmanship and friendly chiding. Americans find a unique pleasure in defeating Canadians in hockey, and our neighbors to the north are uncharacteristically proud and sensitive when it comes to their national sport. Amidst the post game chatter I'm drawn to the underlying dialogue, the familiar and yet surprisingly unfamiliar relationship that exists between us. Tom Brokaw's mini-expose which aired on NBC before the opening ceremonies is an intriguing fragment of this dialogue.

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