Sharks Kill Florida Kiteboarder

Stephen Schafer kiteboarding (Video via

"Stephen Schafer, 38, was kiteboarding about a quarter-mile offshore in Stuart, 100 miles north of Miami, when he went into the water Wednesday and was surrounded by at least three sharks." (CBS News)

"He becomes the 14th victim of a fatal shark attack in Florida's history. Dr. Linda O'Neil, an associate medical examiner, said the official cause of death is blood loss due to shark bites. Schafer was rescued by lifeguard Daniel Lund as he floated on his kite apparatus about 500 yards from shore, Martin County officials said Thursday. His own blood swirling in the ocean around him, Schafer screamed that he'd been bitten by a shark when Lund reached him. Lund paddled Schafer back to shore but the kite surfer lost consciousness and died." (