Hotels in Prague?

We recently received an email from a website called Accommodation in Prague : Hotels in Prague asking us to list them in our travel directory. Pretty basic resource, but it seems to cover the basics, so I've added them. And then I decided to see what sort of options we already offer for traveling in Prague. The answer? Lots! Prague, also known as Praha, is well represented in our Czech Republic Destination Guide so you should start there. Here's the introduction to our Prague Destination Guide:
"Prague (Praha) is one of the least "eastern" European cities you could imagine. Architecturally it is a revelation: few other cities anywhere in Europe look so good - and no other European capital can present six hundred years of architecture so completely untouched by natural disaster or war. Hardly surprising, then, that ninety percent of Western visitors spend all their time in and around the capital and that Praguers exude an air of confidence about their city." [Continue reading more about Prague.]
And there's lots more too. I've wanted to visit Prague for years, now I'm really getting excited. Take a look at these resources:
• Arrival And Information
• City Transport
• Eating And Drinking
• Nightlife
• Listings
• Best Of
• Explore Prague
• Hotels in Prague